Podcast: EPM Chronicles & Confessions with David Watson

Contributing to the EPM Chronicles & Confessions podcast, Managing Director David Watson talks to EPM guru Tim Ahmad about his career journey in financial reporting and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).

During the session, David breaks down EPM in an easily digestible format, drawing parallels to a car journey – envisioning the future, navigating the present, and reflecting on the past. He also delves into the intricate dance of aligning changing customer expectations with the rapid pace of technological progress. 

Additionally, David imparts invaluable advice to newcomers to the field, stressing the critical balance of technical, interpersonal, and financial accounting skills.

“This video is a goldmine for anyone interested in EPM, from industry newcomers to those fascinated by the convergence of finance and technology,” says Tim Ahmad, “It’s not just an interview; it’s a masterclass in understanding the depth and breadth of EPM’s impact on the business world.”

Watch the full video below or click here.



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