Concentric Opens Office on Keele Science and Innovation Park

Concentric Opens Office on Keele Science and Innovation Park

We are pleased to announce the relocation of our UK Head Office from central London to Keele University's Science and Innovation Park.

A New World of Working

The ongoing pandemic has created an enforced regime of home-working. As many firms have found, use of effective technology still enables the business community to continue operating relatively unimpeded. Roles that were previously office-based have become hybrid roles with social distancing limiting face to face meetings to only those required.

Following a reduction in restrictions, team members, for the most part, have chosen to remain working from home, willingly giving up the office commute for a better work/life balance. As a company founded with remote-working technologies at its core, this is nothing new for a majority of our team. However the recent shift towards non-office-based work prompted us to challenge the purpose of our office space facilities.

Fundamental to the success of our team is the environment we create for their personal success and development. Different individuals have differing expectations, and a one-size fits all approach to working no longer fits, particularly when trying to attract and retain talent. Those team members at the beginning of their career path need work space that they may not have at home and greater social interaction. Those team members that are more established in their roles wanted flexibility, work-life balance and the freedom to manage the outcomes they are tasked with delivering.

Across the group, the common theme was the need for a collaboration space. Space for project meetings with colleagues. Space for meetings with customers and prospects. Space to interact and learn from other team members.

Managing Director David Watson commented:

"This move opens up exciting opportunities for our company to work with a leading university in our drive to empower our staff and develop better business solutions for our customers. In a world that is ever more interconnected, complex and dynamic, the ability to learn faster than the competiton is as important to our firm as it is to our customers."

Our Keele office is our new learning and development hub and will be supplemented with flexible, serviced office facilities in London to ensure customer and team meetings can continue to convene in the city. Like Keele, our German office move last year to premises in the University District of Munich is intended to enable access to new talent, learning programmes and local technology initiatives. 

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